Our quality

We are proud to be recognised as our industry's benchmark for excellence in all aspects of business,
from our approach to developing our people into true artisans, to our quality assurance standards.

Quality is our calling card and has been throughout our history. We are obsessive about all elements of the creation and supply of brushes. Everything we do is intended to increase our product quality and the service we offer our clients and end users – be they a brand, retailer, dedicated professional or amateur artist, crafter, hobby enthusiast, beauty junkie or school pupil. This position has been gained through continued development of our people, products, service and systems.

Quality commitment

We strive to develop and manufacture the world's finest brushes, combining our clients' functional and aesthetic requirements with a standard of quality and service that is second to none.  

Customer centricity

We strive to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers – both external and internal - every day. This ensures continued confidence in the company, furthers our reputation as a market leader and contributes to our long term success.  

Quality standard

We strive to consistently improve our quality standards and processes. We have the international ISO 9001:2015 certification and through continual team involvement and a thorough review programme, work hard to exceed our customer's expectations.